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Saturday 8th Sept., 13th Oct., 10th Nov., 
8th Dec., 10am - 5pm
John of God / Brazil
CRYSTAL LIGHT ENERGY HEALING & Chakra Balancing 30 min Session just $50
Bookings at 0431606940
Meditate in the Healing Energy Current with the JOG Spirit Doctors of Love and Light before and/or after your 30 min session to anchor your healing experience.
Pati is the Custodian of the John of God Crystal Healing Light Bed in Canberra ACT Australia from JOG Healing Casa in Abadiania, Brazil.
Healing with the Spirit Doctors of Love and Light.
Remembering our Sacred Easter Healing Journey to the John of God Healing Centre in Abadiania Brazil in April 2017 and April 2012.
Also my profound healing and personal spiritual development experience as one of 12 Anchor Mediums in the Healing Room at John of God's visit in Nov. 2014

Healing and Longevity with
Gold (Saffron), Frankincense & Myrrh
The Gifts of Healing given to the Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men - Magi
Available now in the tincture (drop) form of the whole herbs  (not just the oils)
50ml for $50 

"Living in the Golden Light".
Creator of the 36 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences
Medium for the Golden Light Angels of 5th Dimension
Available now on PayPal Shop page.
Spiritual Healing Medium
Intuitive Herbalist/Iridologist
Pranic Healing  
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
The Spirit Doctors of Love and Light and the Golden Light Angels of the 5th Dimension have instructed me to offer the following services at the Canberra Golden Light Energy Healing Centre:
Each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of the week:
Personal Spiritual Development & Golden Light Meditation Sessions
(1hr $100)
Golden Light Energy Transmission and Attunements
(2 hour session $155)
Spiritual Healing Current Group Meditations with JOG Spirit Entities of Love and Light
DatesTBA soon.
Cost $40
Can be via consult, email,ph or Skype.
Medium Pati will visit your premises locally (Canberra Region) or do distance cleansing of your home/work/office space as well as clearing unwanted spirit or ancestoral energies around you to move on in your life with greater clarity and ease. 
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