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Ascended Mster Eshka speaks through Pati Solva Hueneke
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The Golden Light Angel Messages through Pati Solva
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The Golden Light Angel Messages through Pati Solva

The Golden Light Angel "Aether" pours Blessings upon you.

The Golden Light Angel "AETHER" pours Blessings upon you now.
Feel the connection with the purified element of the Upper Air as it circulates around you with the energy of Divine Love and Golden Light. Let it penetrate into all of your cells bringing healing and comfort to your great HEART. Feel the connection of your heart with the DIVINE HEART. You are one. You are loved beyond anything you can imagine. Feel this LOVE now. Can you feel it? Bathe in this Golden Light of DIvine Love. The Golden Angel "AETHER" is with you.

Messages from the 5 Golden Light Angels of the ELements

Friday, 1st October, 2010
The5 Golden Light Angels of the Elementstell me that it is the time to ask for purification of all the elements in ourselves. The Great Divine Fire of cleansing and transmutation will purifiy
The Water element
The Air element
The Earth element
The Fire element
and bring down the Ether/Divine Spirit into all the elements within and without.
You can then shineThe Golden Lightof your own inner Divinity more brightly to yourself and to ALL that IS.
Blessed be and so it is!
With great love