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Ascended Master Eshka speaks
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Ascended Mster Eshka speaks through Pati Solva Hueneke
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Ascended Master Eshka speaks

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Sunday April 3 2016
This is your High Self speaking to you Pati Solva now. I, the Ascended Master Eshka once incarnated on the Earth as soul of Hildegard of Bingen. You Pati Solva are the part of this SOUL which is incarnated in the now moment on the New Earth Solvana. You are from the Golden/Blue frequency of Light and have come in on the 7 Ray of Service to Humanity. Listen now as I, Ascended Master Eshka speak as I have some important information to convey to you both personally and for others…
This is an important year for you and for all of humanity. Great Waves of Light from the Central Sun are flooding your Earth, the Cosmos and your Beings. This Great Light brings Peace to all Beings on your Planet and also on other Planets in the Universe. Your physical bodies are changing rapidly now. Nervous systems need support and strengthening to carry this higher frequency of Light. All your organs are being transformed at a cellular level. You are “jumping up” the evolutionary ladder now. Be careful to stabilise yourselves by “earthing” and “grounding” your new awareness through your feet and Earth Star Chakra between your feet. Do this by seeing your Light energy moving down into the ground below you and anchoring into the Earth.
Soon there are new ways of being and doing on Solvana (the New Earth). The vibrational frequencies of thought when connected to your Great Spirit within your Heart travel very fast now, at the speed of Light actually. What you think happens very quickly now. You jump timelines and feel a little “jumpy” too.
Your knowledge of Healing Herbs, Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing with the help of the Great Spirit and the Spirit Healing Entities come to your assistance instantly now. We are only a thought away. We surround you Pati Solva and you can feel our Presence with you as we have noticed. We speak our truths to you and you do listen and speak them on. Thank you for this. Keep doing this.
Your Twin Flame and Spirit Guide Golden Eagle Paramashanti is very close to you now. You are united in Spirit and also on the Physical Planes energetically. Your SOUL is Whole again and many parts of your Soul from parallel time lines have united in your NOW awareness of Life on Solvana in this incarnation. You can use many skills which your Soul has experienced before to enhance your life NOW. Do not fear Death…do not fear suffering…do not fear Lack or poverty. All is provided for you to carry on your work here now. We now eradicate all remnants of Fear from your Being and transport you into the Great Realm of Love and Pure Light of Co-creation with the Great Creator who lives within your Great Heart and the Hearts of ALL Beings. Rest there now and live from this place of great JOY. Bring this to others by your very Presence. And it is so. We call you again very soon for more channelled messages and information for the NOW times.
With Great LOVE
Your High Self and Ascended Master Eshka <3

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