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Light Transmission and healing
Friday 21st June 2019
Online or in person
Price: $30.00
SPECIAL 10am-5pm 30 min CLB session. Book at 0431606940 and pay here.
Meditate in the Healing Energy Current before and after your session to anchor your healing experience.
Price: $50.00
LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT by Pati Solva Hueneke 2010
164 page book on my personal experiences with the Golden Light of Healing and how you can access this Golden Light for your personal healing. This will transform your life in every way for the better. Also includes the information on how to use the Golden Light Essences and Meditations for healing at a very deep level. FREE short Psychic reading and Essences with each book.
Price: $20.00
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh 50ml tincture mix
Saffron Frankincense & Myrrh 50 ml tinctures
Price: $50.00
Short Consult & Crystal Light Healing Session with Medium Pati approx. 40 min
The perfect way to start your Crystal Light Healing Bed session to form your intention for your highest healing.
Price: $80.00
Extended Consult & Crystal Light Healing Session approx 75 min
Extended consult & Crystal Light Healing session with Medium Pati. Profound healing happens here on many levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Refresh, relax and rejuvenate.
Price: $120.00
Personally Healing Herbs for you
50 ml
Price: $20.00
Tarot/Mediumship Reading
30 min Tarot/Mediumship Reading via Consult, skype, email or phone
Price: $80.00
Distance Spiritual Energy/House cleansing
Medium Pati tunes into your energy field and living/working space to clear any unwanted enegies which may be blocking you from success.
Price: $120.00
Single Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essence - 15 ml
Single Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essence for Chakras 1-7 with Marshmallow. Includes dosage and instructions
Price: $20.00
Chakras 1-7:
Set of 7 Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essences
New Chakra Essences. Full set of 7 15 ml bottles, information and instructions for use.
Price: $100.00
38 Full set of 15 ml stock bottles of Golden Light Essences
38x15ml stock bottles in boxed set of all the Golden Light Essences
Price: $250.00
5 Karma Release Essence Kit with Instructions
Your own 5 personal Karma Release Golden Light Essences. Send me your birth date on the Contact me page OR go to the Choose and Essence Page and then go to the Product Options to order your personal kit name.
Price: $50.00
Enter Option Name:
Choose a Golden Light Essence
1x15ml stock bottle
Price: $25.00
Individual Essence:
5 Golden Light Essence Rescue Remedy
1x15ml stock bottle
Price: $30.00
Your Personal Golden Light Essence Mixture of up to 5 essences
1x15 dosage bottle of up to 5 chosen essences.
Price: $50.00
Personal Golden Light Essence Card Reading & Essence
Personal Golden Light Reading and Essence either in the clinic or by distance. Include your date of birth, question for the reading and email address. It will be done in 48 hours.
Price: $50.00
Your donation to the upkeep of this website, Messages from Golden Eagle, the newsletter, information on the Classes, Healing Circles, Essences, Meditations, and the Channelled Messages of the 5 Golden Angels of Healing, distance Healing Session. Choose product options $10-$100
Price: $10.00