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Golden Light Healing Oracle Deck
Pre Order this 44 Card Deck by Pati Solva Hueneke and Artist Laila Savolainen which is coming our very soon.
Price: $50.00
From Struggle to Thrive Program
Awaken the Power of your own Golden Light to bring you from Struggle to Thrive in this 6 Week Program with Pati Hueneke
Price: $555.00
Full Payment or Deposit +Payment Plan:
YEARLY MEMBESHIP PROGRAM on our private FB Page online social learning page. When you pay the $150 I invite you to the page and you can access this herbal learning for a whole year with Pati Hueneke.
Price: $150.00
Remote or in Clinic Longer Consult and Crystal Light Bed Session
This longer session includes a 20 min initial consult and 40 min Crystal Light Bed Session
Price: $150.00
Short Initial Consult +Remote or in Clinic Initial Crystal Light Bed Healing session
Short consult 15 min & 20 min In Clinic or Remote Crystal Light Bed Healing Session from anywhere in the world.
Price: $100.00
Follow up/Top Up in clinic or remote Crystal Light Bed Session
Top up your Crystal Light Healing Energy with regular sessions, either in clinic or remote.
Price: $80.00
Immune/Lung Support 50ml Herbal Mix.
Herbs to support your Immune System and lungs, respiratory system at this time.
Price: $70.00
Postage Immune/Lung Herbal Mix Support
Can post to you in Australia
Price: $70.00
LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT by Pati Solva Hueneke 2010
164 page book on my personal experiences with the Golden Light of Healing and how you can access this Golden Light for your personal healing. This will transform your life in every way for the better. Also includes the information on how to use the Golden Light Essences and Meditations for healing at a very deep level. FREE short Psychic reading and Essences with each book.
Price: $20.00
Distance 1 hour Healing and Herb Session
Consult with Medium Pati, using a combination of iridology, herbalism, and spiritual healing to support you to health. Sharing her gift of healing through spiritual insight, and mediumship, past life recollection, knowledge of herbs and Ayurvedic healing methods including Pranic healing
Price: $150.00
DistanceTarot/Mediumship Reading
40 min Tarot/Mediumship Reading via Consult, skype, email or phone
Price: $100.00
Distance Spiritual Energy/House cleansing
Medium Pati tunes into your energy field and living/working space to clear any unwanted enegies which may be blocking you from success.
Price: $120.00
Single Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essence - 15 ml
Single Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essence for Chakras 1-7. Includes dosage and instructions
Price: $20.00
Chakras 1-7:
Set of 7 Golden Light Plant Healing Chakra Essences
New Chakra Essences. Full set of 7 15 ml bottles, information and instructions for use.
Price: $100.00
38 Full set of 15 ml stock bottles of Golden Light Essences
38x15ml stock bottles in boxed set of all the Golden Light Essences
Price: $250.00
5 Karma Release Essence Kit with Instructions
Your own 5 personal Karma Release Golden Light Essences.
Go to the GL Essence for your birthdate page on this website and then go to the Product Options to order your personal kit name.
Price: $50.00
Enter Option Name:
Choose a Golden Light Essence
1x15ml stock bottle
Price: $25.00
Individual Essence:
5 Golden Light Essence Rescue Remedy
1x15ml stock bottle
Price: $30.00