Golden Light Healing Clinic - GL Essence for your Birthdate
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of 5 Golden Light Essence for your personal Vedic Sun sign/birthdate
1. Choose your Vedic sun sign according to your birth date from the list below.
2. Order your Karmic Release kit from the Pay Pal shop 
 I will send it to you within 3 days with detailed instructions on how to use the essences .Include your postal address and email contact. 

Your personal Karmic Release Essences now come in ONE 25 ml bottle and are used at a dose of 5 drops 2 x daily until you finish the bottle
You can email me at each week while you are taking these  with any questions you may have and report your progress.
People have reported amazing results from this program and it has enabled them to move forward with great ease into a new phase of life and living in the positive energy of their own inner Golden Light .
 This means living more and more in the 5th Dimension of  the NOW.
VEDIC Sun Sign/birth dates and
your personal Golden Light Karmic Release Essences:
1. Jan.15 - Feb.13  Makara/Loyalty
   Fenugreek, Ginger, Marshmallow, Elderflowers, Comfrey
2. Feb.14 - Mar.15  Kumba/Insight
  Mugwort, Ginger, Marshmallow, Mistletoe, Gardenia
3. Mar.16 - Apr. 14 Meena/Compassion
 Lemon Balm, Ginger, Marshmallow, Violet Leaf, Plantain
4. Apr. 15- May 15  Mesha/Action
  Oats, Ginger, Marshmallow, Yarrow, Lotus
5.May 16 - Jun. 15  Vrishaba/Beauty
 Alfalfa, Ginger, Marshmallow, Golden Seal, Kelp
6. June 16 - July 14  Maithuna/Light
 Skullcap, Ginger, Marshmallow, Blue Flag, Hyssop
7. July 15 - August 17  Kataka/Harmony
 Chamomile, Ginger, Marshmallow, Gentian, Rosemary
8.  August 18 - Sept. 17  Simba/Strength
 Valerian, Ginger, Marshmallow, Yellow Dock, Sunflower
9.  Sept. 18 - Oct. 18  Kanya/Service
 Vervain, Ginger, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Lavender
10.  Oct. 19.- Nov.17   Tula/Love
 Hops, Ginger, Marshmallow, Sarsparilla, Damask Rose
11.  Nov. 18 - Dec. 16  Vrishika/Faith
 Passionflower, Ginger, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Peony
12.  Dec. 17 - Jan. 14  Dhanus/Truth
 Hypericum, Ginger, Marshmallow, Burdock, Mary's Thistle
For example:
 if your birthday is on the 24th May
your Vedic sun sign is Vrishaba/Beauty
 and your Golden Light Essences Mix contains
 Alfalfa, Ginger, Marshmallow, Golden Seal and Kelp.
These are taken at a dose of 5 drops 2x a day until you finish the bottle
Your personal panchakarma release program instructions will be sent to you with your kit.
 Happy Panchakarma releasing and Healing to You from the Golden Light Angels of the 5 Elements and the Plants.
 Experience the NEW YOU minus the old baggage NOW!
Move into your 5th Dimensional State of Being of Living in the NOW.
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