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Golden Light Energy Healing 
with Spiritual Healing Medium, Intuitive, Herbalist and Transformational Mentor
Pati Solva Hueneke

I invite you to take an experiential journey of awakening and expanding your own inner Golden Light to transform your life from struggle to THRIVE
You will then manifest all you need with Ease and Grace from within your own expanded Golden Light Energy
. Let me show you how from both my personal experience of learning to "Thrive" over the past 30 years in my healing practice and with my clients who have come with me on this "Thriving" journey. 
Give up the struggle for good.
 Get into the "thriving" way of life. 
This program is the culmination of insights and skills I have acquired in my personal and professional life journey. 
They work. 
I Thrive.
 My clients Thrive.
Explore  and experience what "thriving" means to you at this time in your life.


Do you feel that life just seems to be one struggle after another; one crisis after another; one drama after another, leaving you emotionally and physically drained of energy?

Would you like to flow with life again?

Are you ready to give up your struggles and Thrive?

Let me show you how to lift and shift your energy from struggle to thrive.

Gain greater access to your own inner Golden Light Healing Energy of transformation and bring this Golden Light to your physical PRESENCE, to manifest your Personal Life VISION of - “I THRIVE”.

LET GO of Struggle and THRIVE

6-week Online Program-  $555

With Transformational Healing Mentor Pati Solva Hueneke

Golden Light Energy Healing Centre
Let"s Thrive public FB Group Page

Book “Living in the Golden Light” & Creator of 38 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences. 


How to access this transformational Group Program:

*6- week Program – Online via Private FB Group - From Struggle to Thrive
(social learning platform)

Energy Exchange

 One payment of $555


Payment plan of Initial non-refundable deposit of $100 with 3 payments of $155 in Weeks 2,4,6  of the Program


                                                                BUY HERE 

I will send you the link/invite to join our very Private FB group
From struggle to Thrive
as soon as I receive your email contact + full payment or deposit and payment plan.

 This program begins on Monday, 31st August for 6 weeks.

 Unit 1 – Intro FB Live & Creating your “thriving” Vision

Each weekly Unit begins on a MONDAY with a FB LIVE Session (+Replay) with Pati
and includes guided meditations, energy transmissions, Units 1-6, notes emailed to you and Q/A opportunities in the FB Group Comment Threads. 
There will also be 3 Zoom Sessions on the Friday at 7pm of weeks 1,3,and 6 which will be recorded.
Your copy of Pat's Book "Living in the Golden Light" by Pati Solva Hueneke
Your 5 personal "PanchaKarma Golden Light Plant Essences + Sunflower Essence
(postage included in Australia)

Program Outline – Units 1-6

Week 1  - Monday 31st August 2020 – Intro and Unit 1
 Where are you struggling in Life right now? What is your initial “Thrive Vision” ? Expand your energy to fit this “Vision”. Awaken the inner Power of your own Golden Light  Manifesting Energy - Guided Meditation and Light Transmission with Pati,

Week 2 – Monday 7th September, 2020 – Unit 2
Give up the Struggle –  Let go of what is holding you back from Thriving at this time. Release old Karmic Patterns that no longer serve you. Cleanse your Chakras (Energy Centres) to make “Space” for your New Vision.

Week 3 – Monday 14th September, 2020  Unit 3
Bring in NEW Soul Energy to assist you to THRIVE – Establish a deeper connection to your own inner Golden Light Healing & Manifesting Energy for personal empowerment.

Week 4 – Monday 21st September, 2020 Unit 4
Creating your personal “Thriving” Vision from this new empowered YOU.  Your personal ‘Sunflower” Vision board. How to energize your new Vision. Keep your Vision Alive with focus and rituals.

Week 5 –Monday 28th September, 2020 Unit 5
Manifest your new ‘THRIVE” vision. Journal your progress, share your small and large “I Thrive Life Path wins” with the group. How to proceed from here to continue manifesting your “I Thrive” life. How to deal with inevitable “set backs”. Chart your progress on your new “Thrive” path.

Week 6 - 5th October, 2020 Unit 6
Empowering your Sunflower Vision Board. Bring your new Thrive Vision into your Life.
Tools you may need to help you Thrive – Nutrition/Self-Care/Exercise/Healing Essences/Affirmations/Rituals/Observe and record your dreams/Meditations/ Journal/Support from Loved Ones and Helpers/Share your Thoughts and Feelings with the Group in the special Comment Threads/ Additional Notes and PDF’s provided in the Units each week.

                  ***********Added Bonus  *************                         

ONE PERSONALCOMPLIMENTARY HEALING SESSION with PATI for the first 10 people to sign up for the  Program and pay $555 in full. *
(during the 6 weeks of the program, online or face to face in clinic Palmerston ACT, Australia)


Join Healing Medium Pati Hueneke from wherever you are in the world to receive 
 Remote or in Clinic Crystal Light/Colour Healing 
Cost $100 (Aus)

Sit quietly in meditation or lie down comfortably in a quiet space for at least 40 min and up to 60 min as I turn on the Crystal Light Healing Bed from my Golden Light Energy Healing Centre here in Canberra/Australia at a time to suit you from anywhere you are in the world. I will meditate with you and transmit Spiritual Healing, cleansing, balancing,energising your Chakras with the powerful Crystal Lights and Colours and your pure heart-felt healing intention. I will then connect with you to discuss your healing experience and bring you any Spirit Healing Messages that have come through.
This will strengthen your Immune System and Lungs, help you release any negative energies, and fill your whole Being with Light and Love, so needed at this time.

*Relax, feel PEACE and HEAL *
Charge yourself with healing LIGHT !
To book your remote healing experience please go to my contact page or email me at 
send $100  (Aus) to 

In the absence of any medical cures for Corona Virus, as a practising herbalist for over 25 years,may I suggest my special antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and lung support herbal mixture which is available now from the
Golden Light Energy Healing Centre 
2 Lambell Close Palmerston ACT 2913 Australia..  

Protect and support your respiratory and immune system 

The 50 ml herbal mixture may be taken in 5 drop doses 2x daily starting now as a preventative and in larger doses for treatment. 
(Cost $70). Available for immediate pickup or posted in Aus ($85)
Text me asap at 0431606940 or go to PAYPAL shop page here

Creator of the 36 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences
Medium for the Golden Light Angels of 5th Dimension
Available now on PayPal Shop page.

*Circle of Light Healing Events and  Meditations with the Universal Life Forces of  Love and Light
Next Event - TBA

Can be via consult, email,ph or Skype.

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