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with Spiritual Healing Medium, Intuitive & Herbalist
Pati Solva Hueneke

11:11 am  and 11:11 pm
Friday 3rd April 2020
Join Healing Medium Pati Hueneke from wherever you are in the world at 11:11 to receive 
 Remote Crystal Light/Colour Healing 
Sit quietly in meditation for at least 20 min and up to 60 min as I turn on the Crystal Light Healing Bed from my Golden Light Energy Healing Centre here in Canberra/Australia at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm here in Australia and at that time from anywhere you are in the world ( 0-point time). I will meditate with you and transmit Spiritual Healing, cleansing, balancing,energising your Chakras with the powerful Crystal Lights and Colours and your pure heart-felt healing intention.
This will strengthen your Immune System and Lungs, help you release any negative energies, and fill your whole Being with Light and Love, so needed at this time.

*Relax, feel PEACE and HEAL *
Charge yourself with healing LIGHT !
T o join in this event, go to my FB Event page  or  
add your name, with your heartfelt donation, and I will call you in to be included in this LIVE healing (or Replay)
You can also email or

Immune/Lung Support Herbal Mix

In the absence of any medical cures for Corona Virus, as a practising herbalist for over 25 years,may I suggest my special antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and lung support herbal mixture which is available now from the
Golden Light Energy Healing Centre 2 Lambell Close Palmerston AC Australia..  
Protect and support your respiratory and immune system now. 

The 50 ml herbal mixture may be taken in 5 drop doses 2x daily starting now as a preventative and in larger doses for treatment. (Cost $70). Available for immediate pickup or posted in Aus ($85)
Text me asap at 0431606940 or go to PAYPAL shop page here


click here 

 Meditation,Light Transmission & Healing Circle - Uluru Solar Plexus Awakening
Monday 13th January 2020 7-9pm

Hi All Light Workers/Starseed/Healers 
to anchor in the new Solar Plexus energies from Uluru at the mighty Saturn/Pluto conjunction (12.02 am on Monday morning here in Oz).


Saturday 29th March 2020  10am -5 pm

Let me take you on an experiential journey awakening your own inner Golden Light to transform your life from struggle to THRIVE
You will manifest all you need with Ease and Grace.
Five Week Personal Empowerment Program:
(Total cost $555)
Face to Face or ONLINE.
Text me Pati Solva Hueneke at 0431606940 or email me for your personal program at 

Program Outline:

  *Week 1 -
 Awakening your personal deeper  connection to your own Golden Light.
  *Week 2 - 
Releasing old karmic patterns which no longer serve you
  *Week 3 -
 Balancing your Energy Centres (Chakras) to receive and hold the positive Golden Light of your Soul for personal empowerment.
  *Week 4 - 
Envisioning, healing, living and eating in the Golden Light as Creator of your reality.
  *Week 5 - 
You ARE the Golden Light. Manifesting all you need to Thrive from your I AM PRESENCE.

Payment can be made in full $555 or in 5 easy installments of $115 at my PayPal page (click here)
For more details contact Pati Solva Hueneke for your free 15 min conversation on this life transforming program.
ph. 0431606940

Creator of the 36 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences
Medium for the Golden Light Angels of 5th Dimension
Available now on PayPal Shop page.

*Circle of Light Healing Events and  Meditations with the Universal Life Forces of  Love and Light
Next Event - TBA

Can be via consult, email,ph or Skype.

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